Encore Transportation Services

Encore was founded on the belief that healthcare and hospitality should go hand-in-hand. It is our mission to make a lasting positive impression on every patient and guest we meet. Headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, Encore provides non-emergency medical transportation including wheelchair transportation throughout the Midwest.


Encore Transportation helps get you to your hospital appointments on time and safe. Learn more about our non-emergency medical transportation services.

Skilled Nursing Facilities and Nursing Homes

Encore Transportation works with nursing facilities and nursing homes to transport patients on time and safely. Learn more about our non-emergency medical transportation services.

Private Payers

Encore Transportation helps get your loved ones to their medical appointments on time and safely. Learn more about our non-emergency medical transportation services.

With COVID-19 remaining a constant threat, we don’t want this to prevent people from getting to where they need to go.

Especially when it’s concerning their health. Because of this we have taken all necessary steps to ensure we can transport passengers as safely as possible. The biggest step we have taken is installing plexiglass dividers in all our vehicles. This will act as a shield to prevent the spread of germs and benefit both the driver and passengers. Between this and regularly disinfecting each vehicle, we can create a clean environment to safely get people to their appointments.

Encore Vehicles


  • All vehicles in our fleet are 2014 or newer
  • Our fleet consists of minivans that accommodate 5- 6 passengers, shuttle vans that can seat 12-15 passengers, and wheelchair accessible vans that can also accommodate ambulatory passengers.
  • Every vehicle receives regular maintenance from certified repair shops and detailed logs are kept regarding all repairs and maintenance.
  • We take great pride in providing a safe, clean and reliable experience, and consistently get compliments of how well maintained and clean our vehicles are!

Safety Procedures

In light of recent events, we have made changes to our already strict protocol regarding health and safety procedures for both our drivers and vehicles. These changes include: 

  • Installing plexiglass dividers in all vehicles 
  • The use of face masks for all drivers 
  • Wearing gloves and having hand sanitizer available for both drivers and patients 
  • Disinfecting all high contact surfaces between every patient, and thoroughly disinfecting all vehicles at the end of each day using a hospital grade plant-based product with no known risk to humans, animals, or the environment. This product, EPA number 34810-25-82552, is on the EPA’s list of products that are approved for uses against SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

Verizon Connect (formerly known as Fleetmatics)

To best ensure the safety of all our passengers and drivers, we have implemented Verizon Connect in each one of our vehicles. This fleet management tool is beneficial in a number of ways. It helps us track each one of our vehicles in near real-time. Because of this we can dispatch vehicles quickly and effectively and decrease passenger wait times. We have been able to keep wait times to 20 minutes or less on average. Not only can we see where each vehicle is at any given time, we can also see detailed tracking analysis of where they have been going back over a month. Besides tracking, the software also enables us to monitor driving behaviors. The software will alert anytime a vehicle speeds, accelerates or stops too quickly, or takes a turn too harshly. Each driver gets daily and monthly report cards and safety scores. This allows us to continually track driver activity and train drivers in specific areas as needed. This ensures the safest ride possible for all our passengers.