Hospital Transportation Services

When your hospital partners with Encore, not only will you get the best pricing in the industry, but also:

  • Provide your patients with a complete care plan
  • Reduce your readmissions rate
  • Enhances coordinate care – improve the discharge process by increasing productivity and enabling clinical
    staff to operate at the highest level of license
  • Offer a more reliable patient and family centered care

Why invest in transportation?

Healthcare providers lose $150 Billion dollars annually based on no-show appointments!

  • Providers have no-show rates between five and 30 percent nationwide.
  • Each 60-minute open or no-show slot typically costs physicians $200.
  • Of the $150 Billion dollars lost annually, $4.1 Billion can be directly attributed to no-shows from transportation.

Shuttle Services

Long or short term services offered. Vehicles of all sizes to accommodate client needs. Safe, courteous, and well kempt professional drivers

  • On site shuttles to transport employees or guests during construction projects
  • Provide transportation to/from overflow parking areas
  • Transport employees to off-site events
  • Customized programs for unique client needs

3.6 Million people do not have access or have limited access to healthcare because of transportation barriers

Most impacted groups:

Low Income



Rural Areas